Life is a prison. Death is release.

V: Sergeant Volk's "Mereo sub Imperator"

Commit to: Imperial Record

EST 02/8314Tactica Imperialis 8923/1290

Crossfile to: Imperial Guard Intelligence / Antebeat / Ultima Segmentum / Aegnus IV / Xeno Infestation

Input Date: 127000.M41

Input Clearance: Colonel Krakov, 113th Antebeat

Author: Sergeant Rufus Volk, 113th Antebeat


Transmitter: None

Transmission Supervisor: None

Thought of the Day: Vigilance is the brother of truth.

+ + + BEGIN VOX RECORD + + +

Here follows the report of Sergeant Rufus Volk of the 113th Antebeat Mixed Regiment. I will account for the events as I experienced them. I have included my personal opinions and views, as I hope they will give a more clear image of the events. Sergeant Rufus Volk, 113th Antebeat Mixed Regiment.

+ + + VOX RECORD ENDS + + +

As we saw the ungodly form of the Demon emerge, from the bowels of Hell, Senior-Sergeant Krishnas reacted as a true servant of the emperor, and opened fire on the abomination. My first concern was to find an alternative route of retreat, as I felt the sewers would be inadequate for a mighty figure as the glorious Confessor Cortez. Mr. Thorn also stood fast, facing the evil being. Perhaps I have misjudged his character. Or perhaps not.

If I hadn’t known any better I would say the the glorious Confessor Cortez and Techpriest Morn, appeared to be afraid of Demon, but I know in the depths of my soul that it is impossible. The glorious Confessor, would never be afraid of a being as foul as the one we face. Possibly he simply were too concerned with the well-being of his men, and searched for a way for us all to retreat and regroup. Pure genius. Curse my soul for ever doubting him.

Senior-Sergeant Krishnas’s spray of bullets proved to be too much for the foul demon, and it disintegrated. Seldom have I seen such courage and skill. He rightly deserves the Honorifica Imperialis for his efforts.

But alas, our struggles were not over that easy. The chanting form the damned Xeno-loving witch continued and a great wall of fire emerged, igniting the Promethium covered floor. Techpriest Morn panicked and fell down into the sewers, injuring himself. Mr. Thorn’s robes caught on fire, and he stumbled down the manhole, landing on top of Morn. Krishnas was engulfed by flames, but the Emperor, beloved by all, held his hand over him and allowed Krishnas to emerge unscathed. Praise the Emperor, beloved by all. As I saw the fire spread fast I continued toward the door, as I could not reach the manhole in time to rejoin my comrades. A Krak grenade made short work of the door. The last thing I hear before running out the door is the glorious Confessor bellowing: “We will be back, foul witch.”, before retreating down the manhole with the rest of the team.

As I step out I find myself alone, but not lost. Some burning creature stumbled out the door, and falls over. It seemed like it was waving to me, but I can’t be sure. It may as well have been trying to lure me closer to kill me. I quickly survey the surrounding area, and begin to run in the direction of the Armoured Fist Squads. While running I reach the Confessor on my vox, and lets him know that I will rendezvous with them at the AF Squads. However Krishnas, calls me and gives me their location, after which I rejoin them in the next hall. Apparently Morn is lost in the sewers, and we have to sit tight awaiting the AF Squads. After a while Morn finds his way back to us, and we meet up with the AF Squads. Mr. Thorn is badly wounded by the fire, Techpriest Morn tend to his wounds, much to the annoyance of Mr. Thorn. Heh heh, I can’t help but laugh, when I recall his complaints.

The glorious Confessor Cortez, calls Colonel Krakov, to report our encounter with the foul beings, and Krakov sends reinforcements, in form of a AF Company, led by the mighty Captain Jebediah, a most loyal and pious servant to the Emperor, beloved by all. In the meantime we restrain the formerly possessed man, who led us into that cursed ambush. He could probably provide us with some ore information. We meet up with Captain Jebediah and our Lt. Straken who have returned for training (in a marvellous hovercar. A beautiful piece of machinery), good to have our most skilled sniper back, but in the meantime more Xenos have appeared, and a small battle gets under way. Apparently soldiers have stumbled upon the Xeno-lair, and the Xenos are defending it fiercely. As we are discussing different plans of progress, it is reported that Blister gas, is effective in driving the Xenos back, and the brave Captain Jebediah, decides to lead the battle from the front lines. A true man of my heart.

Once again we crawl into the sewers and advances, with the Captain and Senior-Sergeant Krishnas in front, both wearing carapace armour, thus forming a sold wall of good old imperial courage and carapace. My heart swell with pride at the sight of these two brave servants of the Emperor, beloved by all. After a while we find some dead guardsmen and Xenos. Krishnas is struck hard by the foulness of the foul Xenos corpses. We stand and plan our next move. The rage, the terrible rage, swell in my chest as I behold the foulness of the Xenos- scum. I couldn’t help my self, and kicked the fragging corpse of a particular ugly Xeno-corpse, wearing a rebreather. Apparently it has slaughtered several guardsmen, by it self. Damn it. Damn it all to hell.



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