Caligatus: The Skitarii are the soldiers and guards of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are hardwired with most of their weapons and gear. The Skitarii reaps the benefits of being employed by the masters of technology and are often seen with lots of bionics and relics of the Machine God.

  1. Good quality Carapace armor
  2. Best quality Hell gun
  3. Chain sword
  4. Bionic eyes
  5. Various bionic appendages
  6. Bionic lungs (Rebreather system)

Honor Guard: The honor guard often accompany the Magi of the Cult Mechanicus as personal guards.

  1. Best quality Carapace armor
  2. Power axe
  3. Bionic eyes
  4. Various bionic appendages
  5. Bionic lungs (Rebreather system)


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