Soldier of the 88th


The soldiers of the 88th comes from the planet Xenthorp Major. The regiment was raised specifically for the Kalathrax Fiend operation and is mostly made up of fresh recruits. They are rookies, but the officers are mostly veterans.

They wear blue uniforms which offers light protection.

Soldiers from Xenthorp have often bionic limbs and replacements. Their religion is mostly Cult Mechanicus and many servants of the Machine God serve in the regiment.

  1. Light Flak coat
  2. Rubber uniform
  3. Autogun
  4. Autogun clips (4)
  5. Combi tools with knife
  6. Hand torch
  7. Gun cleaning kit
  8. CS ration (1 week)
  9. Microbead
  10. Frak goggles
  11. Bandages
  12. Medikit (1 per medic)
  13. Voxcaster (1 per command group)
  14. Frak & krak grenades

Soldier of the 88th

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