Rufus Volk

Sergeant in 131th TI.


Has a somewhat rough past, but feel that the Emperor has given him a chance to prove himself.

Fanatically loyal to the Emperor. Tends to get very angry, when people don’t show the proper respect for the Imperial Cult.

Has beat himself senseless on more than one occation. Latest in the church, when the exalted and mighty Confessor Cortez, assisted in cleansing Volk’s body, with the whip, holy salts and prayer.

Shaves his head for the simple reason that he feels it: “Seems unnessacary to have those damn hairs distracting me, and besides i hate lice.”

Has the outmost respect for the exalted and mighty Confessor Cortez, and is willing to lay down his own life without hesitation if the Confessors life should be threatend in anyway. Is a little uncertain in his loyalties. Which is most important: The Guard og the Imperial Cult. Of course he sees the Confessor as the absolutely highest authority. The Emperors direct Emmissary in the physical world.

Admires Senior-Sergeant Krisnas, and tries his best to please the older and more expirenced soldier.

Very interested in Techpriest Morn and his work, as technology and “shiny stuff” is something Volk takes a great interest in. Also, he just loves bombs.

Somewhat sceptical about the Sanctioned Psyker assigned to their group, but accepts him for the simple reason that: “If the superiors says he’s okay, who am i to question them?” But Volk never have and never will trust a “Witch”.

Of course he shows the proper respect for Lieutenant Straken(he have to; it says so in the Imperial Infantrymans uplifting primer, under pain of death.) Feel’s that he is somewhat selfcentered and seems to put his own safety over the good of the Imperium. Volk would never EVER, say it out loud of course.

Rufus Volk

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