Life is a prison. Death is release.

Story So Far

After mustering the 131th regiment travelled aboard the Dauntless class light cruiser “Saint Leopolds Mercy”. Their mission was to go to the planet Aegnus IV and investigate and defeat a rumoured Xeno infestation.

The regiments first assignment was to rendevouz with the newly formed Xenthorp 88th at the planet Xenthorp Major.

During the flight the 131th TI dealt with both the sentinel pilot Ace and a minor xeno infestation.

Ace had become a psychopatic killer in a permanent state of frenzy and had killed a few people including the noblewoman countess Isolde. The 131th TI found Ace while he was hiding in a large package area, there they captured him. The reason to Ace’s behaviour was never discovered and he was made into a servitor.

Shortly thereafter the 131th TI were commanded to investigate rumours of xeno infestation. They made inquiries and set up a trap in front of the armory. The trap was sprung and they followed and fought the 2 xeno creatures. The brave soldiers killed the xeno creature and discovered it to be Hrud, which quickly decomposed. Magos Marcus Morn stayed to collect samples while confessor Cortez and Major Quade Grackus followed the last fleeing Hrud.

The Hrud ran to an ambush site and waited with its companions. Quade was slain and the confessor captured.

The rest of the TI were sent on a rescue mission and found the confessor with some other prisoners. One of them was axeno-lover and was burned, one died of some other kind of natural cause and one was an unsactioned psyker, Yorg, a small boy who was sent to a holding cell on Xenthorp Major to await the Black Ships.

When “Saint Leopold’s Mercy” arriwed at Xenthorp the Exactor Archivist, Secundus Majoris Vimes (tax collector) asked Colonel Krakov of the 131th to lend his support against some smugglers. The TI was sent under cover and lead to Vlahirs hideout. Seeing what he really smuggled, xeno-tech, they called for reinforcement. The reinforcements was Storm Troopers.

They were victorious but Vlahir escaped. Magos Morn stole one of the xeno artefacts, an egg of a Waever, in secrecy. There was abundance of loot.

After the journey to their destination Aegnus IV, they made planetfall and saw to their suprise and horror that the PDFs on planet were incompetent. The PDFs had raised their shields with disasterous consequenses. A few drop shuttles crashed. The TI investigated but the 88th’s TI were quicker and found the culprit, one Administrator Majoris, chief óf the Administratum on planet. He was sumarily executed.

The problems for the Guard was not yet over. On the return from their mission, the 131th TI found out that rebels threatened to bomb various sites. They set out to find the Vox caster, which send the threats and found it abondend. They chased after the fleeing rebels and shot them down. On their return they witnessed the bombings, and were sent to investigate.

They found traces of rebel suicide bombers and at the end of the investigation they found the mastermind to be one Esme Darkling, although they didn’t find her. They also found traces of Xenos DNA at a crime scene and called in Ad. Mech assistance to investigate.

The 88th TI found traces of involvement by the Aegnus IV’s noblehouses and sent the 131 TI to investigate with Arbitor Ostheim. After a short guided tour in one of the Erogatta estates they were attacked. The TI killed most of the attacking guards, captured a lesser noble and pursued a rogue nobleman who cowardly fled. It was a train chase scene, but rather boring as the trains had the same max speed and where out of gun and sight range of each other.

Arriving at the last stop, at the main Erogatta residence, they found the nobleman bound and gagged. The prisoner was handed over to the TI and the Patriarch of the Erogatta, Marco Erogatta, invited them to join him for a meal.

After eating Marco Erogatta gave them a guided tour of the “palace”, and wanted to give them most of his precious things. Leutenant Straken accepted and got a Daywalker sniperrifle.

Shortly thereafter the TI was informed of an attack on the Ad. Mech. delegation who carried the tablets of xeno identifaction and had to go investigate and assist.

They commisioned Ad. Mech. fliers and PDF air marines and journeyd to the attack site. The main bulk of the PDF was sent on a slower flier to be dropped in parachute. The battle was long since over when they arrived, a few tablets were destroyed and the enemies had left.

They tracked the hooded soldiers to a camp north of the attack site and awaited the PDF reinforcement. The PDF proved hostile and after a short firefight the TI escaped in a badly damaged Ad. Mech flier with a single prisoner.

The flier crash landed and wounded some of the passengers and killing the crew. They left the wreck and began walking to the east, where Armoured Fist squads where coming from to assist. They met some enemies on the road.

And the armoured fist squad is still 1,5 day away….


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