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  • Sergent Lukasio Essex

    He is the sergeant of the depot service of the Transport & Logistics Company of the 131th. Essex is of Dog Street on Antebeat and as such a brawler, drinker and bully. He has uncombed blond hair, bad teeth and the standard scarring from "Auto Pox". He …

  • Private Zeta Cainus

    Cainus does her duty adequetly most of the time. She is a member of the depot service which numbers the following (mostly): # [[:3505]] # [[:3507]] # [[:3506]] # [[:3508]] Likes # Brawling # Drinking # Making her boyfriend jealous. …

  • Private Petrus Essex

    Private Essex is the brother of sergent Essex. They aren't really in the same organisation. Petrus is a driver for one of the Transport platoons, but have changed places with one from the Depot Service, to have the groups and platoons of the 131th …

  • Private Zetor Ableus

    Ableus is a quiet soldier and does his duty adequetly most of the time. He is a member of the depot service which numbers the following (mostly): # [[:3505]] # [[:3507]] # [[:3506]] # [[:3508]] Likes # Brawling # Drinking

  • Mayor Gurkas

    CO of the 1. Infantry Company and the NCO of the whole regiment. He is arrogant and condescending. He would rather lose all the lives of his soldiers than fail in a battle.

  • Commisar Reycliff

    Commisar Reycliff is the senior commisar of the 131th Mixed regiment. He is as brutal as most commisars and made sure that the small riot in one of the mess halls of Saint Leopolds Mercy was quickly stopped.

  • Colonel Krakov

    Colonel Krakov is the CO of the regiment. He likes his soldiers and guards them well. He have fought himself to this prominent position from a lowly private in the infantry. Likes: # Armasec # Good food # A Good bed.

  • Engineseer Corpus Disecentus

    Corpus Disecentus is the best medicae one can find in the 131th. One of his duties is to perform autopsies on the deceased to find the cause of death. As a higly trained agent of the Mechanicus he has specialized in Medicae, but can still perform the …

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