In the Ultima segmentum near the Ghoul Stars danger awaits the foolhardy. In the Brescia sector man is beset on all sides by all manner of evil. On the planet Antebeat a regiment is formed to protect the innocent and bring death to the enemies of man.

In the dark future the Imperial Guard is the defence against all the enemies of mankind. They protect the citizens and adepts of the galaxy spanning Imperium of man.

But even the Guard needs its protectors. The eyes and ears of the 131th Mixed Antebeat regiment is the bulwark against the encroaching darkness. The noblest fate that a man can endure is to place his own mortal body between his loved home and war’s desolation. The Tactical Intelligence are those men.

Most of the info in the wiki’s are written in the danish lanugage. It consists of things I have written before I found this site, and I don’t want to translate all of that. Other than that, it is a good exercise for me to write in english.

Life is a prison. Death is release.

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